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Bristol Zoo -Great Britain. Live streams of Gorillas, Birds, Rhinos and more. A great pleasure
Henry Doorly Zoo -Omaha, nebraska. A controllable cam showing the penguins. Great!
Hamster cam Hamster webcam - Somebody in New Jersey, USA feeds the web 24/7 with his cute little hamster's life
Buenaventura Hummin Bird Cam - Ecuador. You see an actual streaming feed of humming birds at their feeder. It's not exactly live, but updated every day. I love those birds! "We are proud to present our first Webcam in the Forest - the ‘Puro’ webcam, which shows streaming wildlife footage from the breathtaking and remote tropical forest of Fundación Jocotoco’s Buenaventura Reserve, Ecuador."
Munich Zoo Cam Washington  webcam -Bavaria, Germany, the "Hellabrun Tierpark". Several cams showing the elephant house
Panda Cam-Sichuan, China. Watch the giant Pandas live!
Froggy Cam -California. You like toads and frogs? Froggycam rotates among habitats of fire-bellied toads, african dwarf frogs and the beautiful leopard frog!
Otter Cam-Scotland. Otters in care at the IOSF rehabilitation centre on the Isle of Skye.Here you can see Lelly and Tweed, who are both about 6 months old. Lelly is the smaller female and Tweed is larger and male. They spend a lot of time sleeping but if you are patient, as when watching otters in the wild, you may see them coming out to feed or squabbling over a fish!

Tarantula Cam-Melbourne Museum. A live streaming feed of these creepy animals, being held in quarantine
Monkey Cam-live feed of a Costa Rican squirrel monkey
Jason's Fish cam-a nice live streaming aquarium in Florida
Hen Cam-England. Live streaming. Hopefully you can see Milly, Tilly and Penny going about their chicken life in the coop! (Milly is the big fat white hen, Penny is the cowardly chicken and Tilly is the ruler of the roost!)
livecam des Museums Freiburg -2 great cams show the hatching of some little chicks and some Piranhas as well. Visit the Musem Here for more cams like aquariums or the botanical gardens

Stamford Bird feeder cam-watch the little birdies in Connecticut
Primary school Bezrucova Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. A live video feed, showing the little monkeys jumpig around
Wolong Panda Cam -China. The Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary located in southwest Sichuan province of China, is the home to more than 30% of the world's highly endangered Giant Pandas and is among the most important sites for the captive breeding of these pandas. It covers 9245 squared kilometers with seven nature reserves and nine scenic parks in the Qionglai and Jiajin Mountains. Along with the Giant Panda, the sanctuary is a refuge to other endangered species such as the red panda, the snow leopard, and the clouded leopard. Outside of the tropical rainforests, it is among the botanically richest sites of the world, and is home to between 5,000 and 6,000 species of flora. It has been noted that the region is similar to the paleo-tropic forests of the Tertiary Era.
Wolfe camWatch for Timber Wolves from inside the Wolf Habitat at Bays Mountain Park in Kingsport, Tennessee.
Elephant cam- a live stream of the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald
Squirrel cam-watch the squirrels at Hendersonville TN
Oregon Aquarium-watch the sharks! Watch the people who watch the scharks!
Kitties in the Hood-"call it the StreetCatCam and it has 24 hour a day of live streaming action, featuring more than 15 rescued ex-street cats (many needing homes). It is located in Sydney Australia."
The Earthcam Puppy Cam-Daytona Beach, Florida. "EarthCam presents a live view inside the Halifax Humane Society animal shelter holding cage where new puppies can be seen often - so stay tuned!"
Ant CamNatural History Museum, London. See the ants at work, cutting, carrying, chewing and guarding. A great Media Player live stream
Mouse Cam-Watch some nice little mice running around in their cage. Live STream.
Ant CamNatural History Museum, London. See the ants at work, cutting, carrying, chewing and guarding. A great Medai Player live stream
Beluga Whales Live cam

Beluga Whales-Vancouver Canada. Take a peek into the Arctic Canada habitat! An awesome Live stream!
National Geographics Polar Bear cam-Churchill, Canada
Aquarium TV- watch some live streaming fishes
Otter Cam-Scotland. Otters in care at the IOSF rehabilitation centre on the Isle of Skye.Here you can see Lelly and Tweed, who are both about 6 months old. Lelly is the smaller female and Tweed is larger and male. They spend a lot of time sleeping but if you are patient, as when watching otters in the wild, you may see them coming out to feed or squabbling over a fish!

Wildlife Cams-A real live streaming show, containing African Wildlife, Hummingbirds,Grizzly Bears
BAT CAM! Watch the baby bats grow

Panda Cam-scroll down that page and you get live stream with sounds! Smithsonian National Zoo
Nano Reef-Some guy's aquarium - looks great
Egglayers chicken cam-Longlevens, England. Watch the hens lay their eggs
Pier 39-San Franzisco, California. Nice live stream with lots of sea lions
Puffin birds at Seal island-Maine. A real live stream with sound: watch lots of birds!
Pig CamMeet Delores and family!! The "Pig Mother" Show !
Fishes, Birds & Co.-some animal live streams from Germany
Rat Cam-A guy in Germany has two cams, showing his tame rats
Hen Hut Cam-someones chicken life stream. Watch the brooding hen
Wisconsin Zoo-a fully controlable zoo-cam
Squirrel and bird feeder cams-a nice live stream of acrobatic squirrels!
Live Whale Songs
Live Whale Sounds!from Kihei, Maui !
Listen LIVE to the songs
Whalesong is a gateway for educational and scientific study of sounds and activities of whales and other marine life. The Whalesong site feeds continuous live audio from a hydrophone (underwater microphone) in the Pacific Ocean near Maui, Hawai'i whenever the hydrophone system is active. The hydrophone is located in an area where whales and other marine life are regularly observed. Up to one hundred people can listen simultaneously to the hydrophone

Rabbit Cam /Hasen Cam-Germany. Shows some nice little rabbits
Seal Cam / Seehund Cam-Canada. Watch the seals in live stream
Buster the large red tail catfish-Nice aquarium live stream
Chicken Farm-A Media Player live stream of some chicken in Massachusetts
Polar Bear Plunge -San Diego. A great live stream of the ice bears
Monterey Bay Aquarium-California. Watch sharks in a live stream
Ape Cam-San Diego, California. Welcome to trhe monkey house!
Elephant House-San Diego, California.There are lots of ways to view elephants these days. You can travel to Africa or Asia, of course, but the easiest way to observe these mighty creatures is to come to the Wild Animal Park! We have two large exhibit areas for our elephant herds: one for our Asian elephant group and another one for our African elephants.
Dog House-Denver, Colorado. Whoof!
House of Cows-England. Moooooh!
Piranha live!-Nashville, Tennessee. An awsome live stream. take care!!!!
-This webcam shows a live view of the Koala exhibit at the Riverbank Zoo in South Carolina. It is one of the sharpest, most color accurate, highest quality streaming video examples available on the Internet today.

Punxsutawney Phil
Groundhog Day Cam / Murmeltier Cam
Remember the movie? Well: February 2nd Phil is starring in the famous weather forecast ceremony!

Birdie Cam-hey, thats nice. 2 live streams from a bird selling shop.

Seal Cam / Seelöwe-Live stream from Canada. Watch the critter in his basin!
Penguins at the Antarctica

Penguins breeding place at the antarctic peninsula -View to the breeding place of the gentoo penguins. In the background you can see from time to time icebergs and the mountain range of the antarctic peninsula stretching to south-west. The radio telescope belongs to the German Research Station

Thanks to Martin Grund!

"Die weltweit erste Tierwebkam aus der Antarktis ist seit dem 27.9.2004 online und den Brutplatz von Eselspinguinen im Jahresverlauf. Die Rotschnabelpinguine (so werden sie auch genannt) sind von Mitte Oktober bis April am Brutplatz anwesend, bevor sie sich wieder auf ihre großen Wanderungen durch die südlichsten Meere aufmachen.

Das Projekt wurde mit Unterstützung der deutschen Antarktisforschungsstation GARS O'Higgins (Logistik, Montage, kostenlose Bildübertragung per Satellit) ausschliesslich von Privatleuten initiiert und finanziert. Sogar eine Grundschulklasse wurde mit 300 Euro Sponsor dieser Kamera durch den Verkauf wunderschöner, gebastelter Holzpinguine.

Im weiteren Verlauf der Aktion soll z.B. noch ein nach IP66 (Schutzklasse) wetterfester Schwenk-Neigekopf angeschafft werden, damit die Kamera von Deutschland ferngesteuert werden kann. Sponsoren und Freunde der Kamera sind sehr herzlich willkommen, sich bei diesem weltweit einmaligen Tierwebcam-Projekt in der Antarktis zu beteiligen. Über den NABU können offizielle Spendenbescheinigungen ausgestellt werden!

Ich wünsche viele interessante Beobachtungseindrücke aus diesem fernen, faszinierenden Kontinent!

Martin Grund (Idee und Sponsorenkoordination) "

Vet surgery cam / Operationsraum für Tierärzte-Gedansk, Poland.
Luke and Leia -2 happy ducks
Fish Tank Streaming-Well a great view of a fish the bubbles and calm down
Koi Carps /Koi thoseexpensive fishes swim around
Monterey Bay Live cams-California. The Mekka for water-live-stream-buffs.Watch sharks, penguins, otters and tha bay itself.
Reef Cam / Beach CamsWorld's first permanent underwater coral reef webcam located off Caribbean Island of Bonaire. 2 minute updates Bird Box Cam-Finland. Shows us the inside of a bird breeder box
Martha's Vineyard chicken cam-chicken. Live and streaming!

Zoo Cam-Germany. Real Player live stream with sound!

Oscar Fish-Another live streamer. Watch the aquarium

An Osprey Nest Live Streaming-Watch the birds live! Seeadler im Nest! Linve Stream!

Osprey Nest Cam-live stream!!!! Great! Ein Seeadler beim Brüten

Pacific Octopus-Smithsonian Institute.

Monterey Bay Aquarium-Live Stream of fishes. Great

Amazon River underwater cam-This is a hell of a cam! Watch those piranhas! Live stream.

Rhino Cam-Indianapolis Zoo

Sea Lions-at Franzisco.

Fish Cam-a live stream for all fish voyeurs

Shandy The Grey Parrot-What's he doing right now?

Camel CamGobi the camel and Dandy the zebra playing and having fun with their horse and llama buddies.

Duck Cams-live duck in USA

Lion Cam-Zoo of America. 2 Lions

Peregrine Falcons, Jersey City

sea Lions / Seelöwen-Germany, Osnabrück. Live Stream

Eagle's nest / Adlernest-USA. Live stream!

Tarantula Cam-be careful! No Arachnophobias!!!!:-)

Rhino cam- Move the cam. It's amazing!!!!!

Giant Panda- A zoo-cam. Live stream WITH SOUND!!!!

Orca Cam-Watch killer whales in their natural habitat from the Center for Whale Research on San Juan Island, Washington.

Gatorland-Florida. Alligators live stream

Humminbird cam / Kolibri Cam- Rain forrest. Regenwald Mittelamerika

San Diego Zoo Cams-California. Panda, bears, elephants, apes

Wild Park-Kent, England. 6 cams: elephants, gorillas

Giant Cave Roaches-Riesenkakerlaken aus Iowa

Barn Cam-watch the horses in the US. Live aus dem Pferdestall in Amerika. See also: Farm Cam

Falcon Cam-Rochester New York
Bird Feeder Cam.-Ithaka New York. Live Stream!
shamu The Whale- live stream of the famous San Diego Whale
Beluga Whale cam-Vancouver, Canada. The Vancouver Aquarium's beluga whale calf is quickly earning a special spot in the hearts of staff and visitors alike, with his playful personality.
Zoo Cams-Toledo, watch the critters (eg the ice bears)
Hamster Cam- Watch a hamstermommy with her 5 kids
Rat Cam-Portland, Oregon. Some laboratory rats.
Parrot Cam Blue and Gold Macaw
Gold and Blue Maccaw Parrots--Papageien
Alpaca Cam-Germany
Birdfeeder cams-USA. Vogelfutter cam
The silence of the lambs? No! Adopt a fresh born bleaty baby lamp right now!
Bad dog in Alaska-are they real Cujos???
Bees!!!!! A real bee-hive! Beastcam-what beast??? Anyway: see it get fed
BBC Showbizz Goldfich (or what)
Lots of Baby Eagles - it's a real live how!
WolfCam / Wölfe-Tennesee
BBC Squiorrel cam-England....actually i saw no squirrel, but an eagle...what does this mean??? A happy meal????
Bird Feeder Cam-this one in Benbruck, Texas
Birdwatching Webcams various places
Calder the dog-Madion Wiconin
Daysie the mischievous dog
Cats - The Website
small chickens from Vermont
CatCam-Another kitty geek :-)
Doggie cam
Donkeys / Esel Ireland
Ducks on-pond-USA. At least: Donald just celebreated his 75th!
Spain Parrot
Florida Bird Feeder Cam-Ein Vogelfutterplatz
Frogs cam / LIVESTREAM!
George and Paula Cam-find out yourelf!
Gerbil Cam- ne Wütenrennmaus
Haggis Hunt-watch the cotsmen hunt their favorite menue, and sea some nice scottish views
Bird Feeder North America
Zebra Finches
Cows online
Luther Live A big Lizard in the US
Live Horses in the US
Mynah Bird Cam-my favorit birdie. Beos live!
Clown fish cam-find Nemo!
Omsi the rat. Live Stream
Peacock Cam-Ein berühmter Pfau
A Koi Pond-Ein Teich mit Koi Karpfen
Oklahoma birds and squirrels-Futter für Vögel und EIchhörnchen
Squint the Iguana-ein Leguan
Chipmonks-Donald Duck's bets friends live
A parrot-ein Papagei
Wolf cam
Fish Cam
Turtle Farm cams / Wasserschildkröten-Westindian Islands, engliche Kronkolonie, Karibik
Central Park Zoo-New York. Watch the Penguins
Minnesota-Zoo Mineapolis. Haie, Äffchen, Pferde - die ganze Palette!
Allenspark-Colorado. Ein Vogelhäuschen. A Birdfeeder cam
Ant cam / Ameisencam-Michigan. Watch som anzt!
Jelly Cam / Quallen live-Oregon Coast Aquarium.
Birdfeeder Cam-Seattle, Washington. Ein Vogelfutterplatz
Turtle cam-Two turtles are making silly things :-) 2 Schildkröten tummeln sich hier. Thanx an CJ Curtis
Pond Cam-a guy's pond. Or his dogs..himself...Der Gartenteich von Jemandem..oder seine Hunde, er selbst...
Cayman Islands. A turtle farm! Eine Schildkrötenfarm. Ich wollte, ich koennte tauschen mit denen!
Waikiki Aquarium-Hawaii. A great view of the inside of the 35 thousand gallon tank at the Waikiki Aquarium. The Waikiki Aquarium houses over 320 different types of Hawain aquatic life.Da schwimmen jede Menge Fische im 35-tausend-Gallonen Tank! Beinahe Livestream
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo-The giraffe cam. Giraffen online!
Frog Cam/ Frosch Cam- in Minnesota some frogs show in all their beauty. Einige Frösche in ihrer ganzen Schönheit
Llama Farm Cam-Indianapolis. Look at those animals! You can even BUY them! Eine Llama Farm...hier kommen die Pullover her
Mac, The Parrot-ein Papagei tobt in seiner Voliere rum :-))
Another BirdfeederCam-ein Blick aus dem Fenster auf Vogelfutterstätte
CatCam-der Küchenboden von Erik Francis mit seinen Katzen Beowulf und Ebi
VogelhäuschenCam Bird feeder cam-beobachtet amerikanische Vögel live in Indianapolis beim Fressen!

Kakerlaken Cam-Igitt! Man SIEHT sie richtig wuseln, die magegssischen RIESENKAKERLAKEN, die so schwer wie eine MAUS werden können. Nerven! University of South Carolina.
The Oinker Cam zeigt ein Meerschweinchen live. NEUER Bewohner unseres Zoos!
Dupree the IguanaDupree died this year. this is a memory link

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