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Large Hadron Collider, Switzerland

CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
- The Universe started with a Big Bang but we dont fully understand how or why it developed the way it did. The LHC will let us see how matter behaved a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang. Researchers have some ideas of what to expect but also expect the unexpected!
Lovell Telescope-England. Jodrell Bank Observatory in England has a great historical importance to the development of radio telescopy in the 20th century. You can view the Lovell telescope from this site.
Tate Satellite Realtime Earth view-A very special webcam! The webcam takes a still every 30 seconds which is then sent to the server. Depending on network traffic the webcam image on your browser should update at approximately 30 second intervals. (if after 40 seconds the image has not refreshed then please press the refresh or reload button on your browser toolbar). It takes a minimum of 20 seconds for the camera to respond to your instructions, and it may take up to a minute for you to see the resulting pan, or zoom.

Live Ultraviolet View of the Sun From the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)

Whats hot at the NASA? Let's watch Nasa TV!
The Image to the left is LIVE from the Kennedy Space Center

always Live Stream. Needs RealPlayer

Das Bild links kommt LIVE aus dem Kennedy Space Center Im KennedySpaceCenter gibts auch immer Livestreams. Dafr braucht ihr den RealPlayer.

The live cams of the Kennedy Space Center

Lulin ObservatoryYu-shan Mt., Taiwan. live pics from outside the telescope AND through the telescope's lens. Great
Space Cam-watch the Americas from space

Live Satellite images from outer space

Sea Launch Platform-in the pazific. Watch rocket technology bringing satellites into the orbit. Our equatorial launch site provides the most direct route to orbit, offering maximum lift capacity for increased payload mass or extended spacecraft life
Australia Satellite-live from outer space! Infrared
Australia Satellite-live from outer space! Visible
Mezeosat images View the latest Meteosat images from our 0 and 57E services; as Full Disc or Sector, Black-and-White or Colour image; from the Visible, Infrared, or Water Vapour channels. .
Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite -covers mainly russian areas
Meteosat Images-Images of the globe are taken routinely by EUMETSAT's Meteosat satellites from the geostationary orbit about 36000 km above the equator. Currently EUMETSAT is operating Meteosat satellites at positions of 0 longitude and at 63E. The images are taken on a half-hourly basis and after processing at our control centre in Darmstadt, they are re-disseminated via the satellites to the user community.
GOES Update FULL EARTH DISK-brilliant hi res pics. Easy FTP access with your browser!
GOES Satellite Update-shows a colored up to date pic of north america and the caribbean area
Satellite Meteorology-stunning live feeds total world satellite updates

Satellite Atlantic / Pazific-infrared, visible, water vapor and more...
North America from satellites 1km High Resolution Satellite and Radar Images
Antarctic composite satellite images-South pole from outer space! Big views. More informations
Polar Orbiting Satellite Images-Live satellite pics from the south pole!
GOES Update -Satellite images
Meteosat --Live Updates from the satellite. Visible and infrared. Live vom Satelliten: sichtbarer und Infrarot Bereich

GOES Update-Caribbean
Caribbean Satellite view
Hurricane Map-of North America / Carebean
Volcano Watch-Satellite images of ten active volcanos. Satellitenbilder von 10 aktiven Vulkanen.
USA Weather-all States at one glance. Forecasts, Satellite images and more
Die CNN-Europa-Wetterkarte-wie wird unser Wetter morgen
GOES-8 infrarot-neuestes Update von Nordamerika
GOES-8 visible-live-update des stationären Satelliten über Amerika und Kanada
GOES Weather Satellite-die Homepage eines der berühmtesten Satelliten. Mit den neuesten updates aus seiner Bahn und vieles mehr...
VIS-interessant: lest selbst:This Current Image is generated from data collected by the University of Iowa's Visible Imaging Investigations (VII) Visible Imaging System (VIS) on board the NASA Polar spacecraft. It was designed and built by the Particles and Imaging research group from The University of Iowa
Space Weather-Kein Quatsch! Was machen die heutigen Sonnenaktivitäten??? Ständig neue Live Pics der Sonne.
Neuestes Update GOESE sATELLITE
Meteosat Update
Meteosat visible update
Goes Update North America
Neuestes Update METEOSAT Total World, visible
Neuestes Update METEOSAT Total World
Neuestes Update von NOOA
Geostationary Satellite Images several Sat-views, animations and realtime
African Satellite Ueber Afrika. Eingefaerbt.
European Satellite Zeigt ganz Europa!
Hawaiian Satellite- Hawaii satellite images, GOESE infrared
Australian SatelliteUeber Australien. Eingefaerbt
Weather-NetVon hier aus gibt es eine Menge links zu Wetter-realtime-Cams und Satelliten
Hubble Space Telescope-die Homepage des Mega-Teleskosps, mit den neuesten news :-)
NASA Hubble-GalleryDie besten und sensationellsten Aufnahmen des Hubble Weltraumteleskops!
Hubble Deep Field-die neuesten und besten Hubble-Pics!
NASA TV mehrere Cams zeigen live die Shuttle-Starts!


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