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Webcams Europe/ Germany/ Thueringen

Jena -a live stream view
Jena -the sky above the city
Hirschberg -an der Saale.
Gera -some very nice buildings
Erfurt -great view of the Dome
Effelder Rauenstein -several images of old cities
Dermbach -nice rural view
Sondershausen -Thueringen, Germany. A very rural view of an old german landscape
Jena Tower cam -Thueringen, Germany. Full interactive, the cam shows the center of that old german town

Wittenberg -Thüringen. Where once Luther lived. An impressive view of the old town hall and the market place
Weimar -Thüringen. The Wartburg, where Martin Luther translated the bible in german language
Weimar -Thüringen. 2 cams out of the heart of this fine Goethe_city. 2 cams senden aus dem Herzen der Goethestadt.