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Webcams Europe/ Germany/ Sachsen

Saechsische Schweiz -Sachsen, 2 wonderful landscape views
Falkenstein -Sachsen, nice town view
Marienberg -Sachsen, Charming village view of Nossen
Meisen -Sachsen, view of the church. The little village is placed in the "Erzgebirge"
Bad Schandau, Elbaussicht Krippen -Sachsen, Germany. Great view of the RIver Elbe at Saechsische Schweiz
Leipzig -Sachsen, Germany. Absolutely nice view of downtown
Zwickau -Sachsen, Germany. Ruaral place, nice weathercam
Leipzig -Sachsen, Germany. Absolutely nice view of downtown
Schlettau -Sachsen, Germany. Aerial view of the town and the fields from atop of the steeple
Annaberg -Sachsen, Germany. Nice view of the market place: every tuesday and friday there's market
Plauen -Sachsen, Germany. Two cams from high above, shwoing the town cnter, the church and the market place
Saechsische Schweiz -Sachsen, Germany. A very scenic german landscape
Dresden-phantastic interactive panorama view
Dresden-Sachsen. The Synagogue and other cams

Dresden -Sachsen, Germany. A spectacular view of the famous "Frauenkirche" the well known Dome just freshly renovated
Dresden -Sachsen, Germany. 25 live traffic cams
Dresden -Sachsen
Dresden -Sachsen. The TV tower
Dresden-Sachsen.Lots of traffic cams
Dresden -Sachsen. View of the "Zwinger"
Dresden-panoramic view of the Old Town
Dresden-view of the Carola Bridge
Chemnitz-Sachsen. Full controllable cam
Chemnitz -Sachsen. View over the city
Chemnitz -Sachsen. Very scenic panorama
Zittauer Gebirge -Germany, Sachsen, Oberlausitz. A very, very nice mountain view. Thanks to J. Liebscher
Chemnitz-Sachsen, Germany. From the steeple of St. Petri church
Chemnitz -Sachsen, Germany. Great city view
Bautzen -Niederlausitz, Sachsen. Nice city view
Frauenkirche in Dresden -ein Service des MDR. Blick von hoch oben.
Dresden-The tower