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webcams in Niedersachsen

Webcams Europe/ Germany/ Niedersachsen 1

Bovenden/Eddigehausen -Germany, Niedersachsen. A view of a castle on top of a wooded hill
Bensersiel -Niedersachsen, Germany. Great view of the harbor
Norddeich & Norden -Niedersachsen, Germany. Nice view of the "Mole" (the pier), the port and the North Sea
Spiekeroog -Niedersachsen. The old city hall
Bad Lauterberg-Niedersachsen. A view of the Harz mountains
Thale -Niedersachsen. A view of the Harz mountains, two cams
Jork, Estebrügge -"Altes Land", Niedersachsen
The Elb River / Die Elbe "Altes Land", Niedersachsen. 2 cams
Cranz"Altes Land", Niedersachsen. Near Hamburg. A very rural view
Brunsbüttel --Niedersachsen.
Wangerooge Island -Niedersachsen. Several island views
Horumersiel--Niedersachsen.Niceley made Flash page of the german fisher village at the north sea
Juist-Niedersachsen.The beach
Norderney -Niedersachsen. Nice view of one of Germany's most "fashionable" island resorts
Norderney-Niedersachsen. View of the north sea
Norderney -Niedersachsen. View of the north sea
Norderney -Niedersachsen.The old light house
Spiekeroog -Niedersachsen. The beach of the north sea island
Baltrum -Niedersachsen. A nice island view of the north sea
Baltrum. -Niedersachsen. The north sea
Oldenburg-Niedersachsen , Germany
Celle -Niedersachsen. View over the city, founded in the 10th century
Bad Zwischenahn -Germany, Niedersachsen. View of the town square
Zetel, Friesland -Niedersachsen. The old town and the market place
Spiekeroog-Niedersachsen. 5 cams show places of the island (north sea) and the city
Esens/Bensersiel -Niedersachsen, Germany. A view of this fine old german town
Borkum -Niedersachsen, Germany. The island train station
Goslar -Niedersachsen. Nice German town view
Wittmund -Friesland. A north german marketplace. Norddeutscher Marktplatz
Amrum Island -Nordsee /Baltig Sea, Niedersachsen, Germany. The waves and the low lands
Emden -Ostriesland. Die Fachhochschule
Lippstadt-A street. Eine Straße
Germany Nordrhein Westphalen
/home/europe/germany/ niedersachsen / niedersachsen 2 / niedersachsen 3 /