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webcams in Brazil

Sao Luis Brazil webcam -Brazil. Nice live stream of city and shoreline
Ouro Preto Ouro Preto webcam - Brazil. 2 nice shots of the town and the cathedral
Tramandai -Porto Allegre, Brazil. Great beach and surf cam.
Live in Rio-Brasil. Nice shot of the hills around Rio de Janeiro
Fernando De Noronha IslandIt's a view right into paradise!
Paraty his webcam is located in the Kontiki Restaurant that lies on an island in front of Paraty, R.J. Brazil.
School cam-Rio de Janeiro-watch the playground
The beach of Santos-watch 'em in the beach showers
Campos do Jordao- a busy town center
Brasilia-nice view from the bridge of a cruise ship
Santos Beach-great controllable view of the beach and landscape
Sao Paolo a great beach view with a controllable cam
Sao Paolo Awsome view of Praia das Pitangueiras na Cidade de Guarujá, São Paulo Brasil
Sao Paolo. Guarujá. Great mountain view
Sao Paolo. A really wonderful beach view
Itapoaa view of the beach in Itapoa, Brazil
Brazil garden cam-Olinda.See from my window a jasmine tree (jasminum officinale) with fragrant white flowers. Sometimes you can see hummingbirds and others birds drinking water.
Itapoa-Brasil. Very nice sea shore. Live streaming
The sky above Brazil-Brazil. Watch the impressive clouds at Campinas, Brazil
Porto Allegre-Brasili. Views of that nice place. Live video and sound. 3 cams
Santos-Brasilien / Brazil. A super-beach cam

/home/other countries/ brazil