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Dahab - Egypt. A media player live stream where you can watch the palm trees swing in the wind of the Red Sea
Windhoek Namibia webcam -Namibia. Ever wondering how's the sky above south Africa?
El Gouna - Egypt. Watch live streaming views of kites sailing over a lagoon
Alexandria - Egypt. Breathtaking controllable view of Qait Bey, an old castle
MidAfriCam - South Africa. Several cams showing the most scenic places of South Africas Garden route

Elephant Cam Elephant Cam webcam - South Africa. Africa Web Cams are located at a 'watering hole' at the Tembe Elephant Park in the north-east corner of South Africa, near the Mozambique border. The web cams offer you live pictures of the biggest elephants in the world. Visitors to the web cam's hide must remain silent, so as not to frighten the magnificent elephants.
Windhoek Namibia webcam - Namibia, Africa. Great city and landscape panorama, streaming
Cape Verde Cape Verde webcam - Cape Verde. The Republic of Cape Verde (Portuguese: Cabo Verde) is a republic located on an archipelago in the Macaronesia ecoregion of the North Atlantic Ocean, off the western coast of Africa.
Cape Verde Cape Verde webcam - Cape Verde. View of Santa Maria beach
Cape Town
- South Africa. Watch the skyline and the famous table mountain
El Gouna- Egypt. Great beach view
Saouira-Morocco 2 views of the beach
Mauritius. View of the BEAU BASSIN CENTER
Sharm El Sheikh Hurghada-Egypt. Nice beach views
Santa Maria-Cap Verde, Africa. A view of the surf and kite center
Santa Maria-Cap Verde, Africa. View of the beach
Mindelo-Cap Verde, Africa. View of the harbour
- Sinai - Egypt. Views of Helnan Marina on top of Diving-center

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, Africa

Tanzania Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain rise in the world,[1] rising 4600 metres (15,000 ft) from the base, and includes the highest peak in Africa at 5,895 metres (19,340 ft), providing the dramatic view from the surrounding plains.
Mount Longonot, Kijabe, Kenya, Africa

Mount Longonot This webcam updates every two minutes. It is located at Rift Valley Academy and points at Mt. Longonot in the Great Rift Valley. Kijabe means "Place of the Wind" in the Masai language. It is one of the largest mission stations in the world, with over a hundred missionaries living in the community. It is located on the edge of Great Rift Valley, about 50 km West of Nairobi Kenya.

Lake Nyos Project, Cameroon, Africa

A pocket of magma lies beneath the lake and leaks carbon dioxide (CO2) into the waters. Nyos is one of only three known lakes to be saturated with carbon dioxide in this way, the others being Lake Monoun, at a distance of 100 km SSE, and Lake Kivu in Rwanda. On 21 August 1986, the lake emitted a large cloud of CO2 in a limnic eruption, which suffocated up to 1,800 people and 3,500 livestock in nearby villages. In response, scientists proposed that five tubes be lowered into the lake to allow gas to pass freely to the surface. To date, only one of these has been built.

Dahab-Egypt. A live stream of a diving school
Fish Hoek Beachfront Cape Town, South Africa. Great surf!
Vuyatela-South Africa. A cam in a safari park!
Helderberg-South Africa. Nice view of mountains and sky
Capetown / Kapstadt-South Africa - multipüle cam views of the city and the table mountain
Laibach Vineyards-South Africa. The vinyards
Helderberg-South Africa. Nice view of mountains and sky

The Great Pyramids of Gizeh, Egypt

Pyramid CamThe camera is located at the SIAG Pyramids Hotel in Giza, about 1.5 kilometers ENE of the Pyramids Plateau. It is placed at the highest point in the area and is over 200 feet above street level. This affords us the best possible view of the Pyramids looking from east to west into the sunset. If we were any closer, it would be difficult to take in the entire plateau in one image. If we were farther away, images would be degraded as a result of the intervening haze.

WildCam-Botswana, Africa. A live stream. Needs Real Player
Lake Nyos-Cameroon. Where years ago the great CO2 catastrophy took place. Now engineer are degasing the lake. An interesting project.
Ascension Island-A live view of the pier in Georgetown
Magawish Village Hurghada -Egypt. A beach at a diving school
Magawish Village Hurghada -Egypt. Two nice shots of a resort at the beach
Sharm El Sheikh - Sinai - Egypt. Nice palm trees. Great views
Cairo-Egypt- two views of a school center
Cabo Verde -Senegal. A great beach view of the islands in the Atlantic Ocean
Mauritius. Reunion Islands, Atlantic Ocean
Fishhoek-South Africa. A nice view of the South African coast line
Cape Town-South AfricaLots of live cams, great views
Cape Town / Kapstadt-South Africa. The famous table mountain
Capetown-South Africa. Well actually not the city, but a nice garden with pool
Windhoek -Namibia, Africa. 2 nice shots of a phantastic african landscape
Victoria Bay-South Africa. Visit this dreamy beaches! Several views
Laibach Vineyards-South Arfric. Where the "new world wines" come from
Cape Town South Africa. Watch the south african vinelands
Cape Town South Africa. Another fine view of the famous tablemountain
Kololi Beach Kololi, Gambia. A very nice resort with a large pool
Kruger National Park. A watering hole
Big Bay, Bloubergstrand-South Africa. A nice beach cam
Cape Agulhas-South Africa. A beach cam
Kenilworth-South Africa. A mountain view of Devil's Peak
Muizenberg-South Africa. A nice bay in the Atlantic Ocean
Victoria Bay.South Africa. View of the ocean at the Kaaimans / Wilderness
Isle of Mahe-Seychelles. Two views of the beach at the Indian Ocean and the market
African Satellite -a colored view.
Eumetsat-Satellite Image of northern Africa
The Stars above South Africa-Live from Southerland. This is a head trick: watch the night sky through a telescope.
African Satellite-newest updates
Durban-South Africa. A wonderful beach and some traffic cams
Live picture of the beach of Essaouira Maroc. Ein Strand in Marokkoc. deLuxe view
Zulucam-Africa. Great cam shows a watering hole and lots of wildlife

Waterhole cams, Safari Cams, Shark Cams- 15 Cams Multiple National Parks.Mpumalanga, South Africa. 2 cams show animals in wilderness! Get witness of buffalo killed by lions etc! Great. Tiere am Wasserloch...das beste aus Suedafrika
Elephant Cam--Africa Web Cams are located at a 'watering hole' at the Tembe Elephant Park in the north-east corner of South Africa, near the Mozambique border
WildCam Africa and more needs to register (free)

From Mozambique:

Zulu Cam, Africa

Click image to visit site!

Thank you for choosing as the web cam of the week. This is one of the most unique webcams in the world and is located in the Tembe Elephant Park in the north-east corner of South Africa near the Mozambique border.

Why is it unique, firstly these are some of the largest elephants in African and they are roaming free and wild, secondly the environment is so rugged the technicians can only get to the web cam in tough 4x4 vehicles, thirdly there is no electricity in this area and the cam is run off solar panels and batteries, then the video stream is sent across the park by radio signal to the main gate which is the only place that has electricity and then from there out to the world by satellite. This is a joint venture between KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife (The organization that brought the White Rhino back from the edge of extinction), Tembe Elephant park a luxurious Safari Camp (which you would just love to visit one day) and KwaZulu-Natal Tourism Authority which is the body that is responsible for making KwaZulu-Natal one of the top "must visit" destinations in the world. So for a unique experience, bring wildest Africa into your PC and enjoy our world!

kind regards


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