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I wish you luck, health, wealth and love.

Welcome to the "Realtime Camera Paradise", one of the world's oldest and biggest webcam directories. I hope you enjoy the new design. On this pages I collected thousands of webcams around the world, most of them with a live preview. The live cams are sorted by location or themes. You can enjoy the world's most beautiful touristic attractions, plan yourvacations, check the weather or traffic conditions wherever you are.
Or how about planning a toristic trip or looking for a hotel in good neighborhood? Here you'll find it Join the party....and be glad, for the song has no ending!!!

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A part of the city and shopping center

Paris, Eiffeltower

Paris, Eiffeltower
- A real cool view of the tower

LiveSaver: A screensaver with live cams

Screensaver with german live cams Screensaver Germany! Download the windows EXE file and install it to your screensaver directory. Of course you'll need an open DSL line! Then you can enjoy Germany's most scenic landscapes, cities and seascapes on your screen!

Paris, Eiffeltower

Paris, Eiffeltower
- France. Wonderful view of the bright blue tower at night

Prague / Praha / Prag

A great view of the old town square

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