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Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden -Sweden. You can see a street scene, streaming
Goeteborg-Sweden. Live streaming view of the waterfront some boats and the big bridge
Stockholm-Sweden. Great panoramic overview of the city and the waterside
Ice skating track -Falun, Sweden. On lake Runn
Arlanda Airport -Stockholm, Sweden. 3 views of tower and runways
Stockholm -Sweden. 3 great views of the waterfront
Västernorrland The longest suspension bridge in the world!
Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel webcam - Sweden. Wow this is so cute: a hotel covered in ice and snow! And BUILT of ice and snow!200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden.
Duved -again a lovely nordic landscape

Haparanda -the center of the village and lots of other views
Mora -scnic city and lake view
Uppsala University -calm view of the campus
Are -mountain landscape in the high north
Sandviksgatan, Luleå -the city center
Falkenberg -how's the weather?
Arkosund - A nice waterfront cam
Bengtsfors-nice city view
Mossholmen Marina -a typical nordic harbour
Hälsninggårdsbryggorna -impressive lake scene
Kristianstad -a panoramic bird's eye view
Stockholm -3 very nice views of the city and harbour
Umea-a live stream from the university campus
Ystad - nice city scene
Malmoe -a view of the city center
Stockholm Traffik cams
Kristianstad Georgious view over the city
Stockholm-40 raod-traffic cams
-Sweden. Nice bird-eye-view
Skellefteå Sweden. Great live stream of the city
Malmö -Sweden. 5 cams covering the city
Stockholm -Sweden. A neighborhood cam
Hjuvik Sweden. The harbour. Der Hafen. Sehr romantisch
Are -Sweden/Schweden. The Citylights do their job well! Acuh nachts ist das Skiresort anzusehn!
Kristianstad Scheweden/Sweden--55 m üBer der Satd im Süden des Landes. Thanx an Rolf Sjöberg