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Yekaterinburg Russia webcam -Russia. Several city views

Abhasia, Georgia,
- Now there's war near the Black Sea. The province Abhazia battles for independence from Georgia. Ukraine cam-Ukraine. This site offers tons of live streaming cams from eastern Europe
Moscow -Russia. Great skyline view
Odessa-Ukraine, CIS. Nice shot of the city at the Black Sea
Kemerova -Russia. View of the town center
Minsk-Belrussia. A public place
Rabun Gap-Georgia. Nice controllable landscape view
Elbrus Extreme cams -Russia. Nice vistas of skiing slopes and mountains
Mt. Elbrus -Russia. A snowy mountain view
Saratov-Russia. A nice view above the city
Krasnodar-Russia.City view
Vinnitsa Ukraine. The town center and a tower
Kiev -Ukraine. Great shot of the city center
Chita-Russia. View of Lenin Square
Tomsk-Russia. Traffic scene and weather

Karelia -The Kizhi open-air museum is located on one of the many islands in Lake Onega, in Karelia. Two 18th-century wooden churches, and an octagonal clock tower, also in wood and built in 1862, can be seen there. The Kizhi Museum is responsible for the preservation and development of the historic, cultural and nature complex comprising the world famous Kizhi Pogost, historic landscapes and monuments situated on Kizhi Island, near-by Lake Onega islands and part of the mainland coastline within the former Kizhi Volost (Community) of the Olonets Province.
Vladivostok -Russia. 5 cams showing this far-far-east city
Novosibirsk -Russia.A traffic cam
Novosibirsk -Russia. A kind of parking area
Rostov on Don-Russia. A city view
Azov- a little town view
Vyborg Russia. Central street view
Moscow Today-Russia. Lots of city views
St Petersburg -nice view of the canal
Moscow-Great views of the Kreml and the Red Square
Moscow - agreat view of the life in the inner city
Stavropol-a city in the northern Kaukasus
Sakhalin Cams -2 city cams: Lenin Square and Chekhov - centre tow webcams from far East Russia
St. petersburg-a live stream of the LOMONOSOV SQUARE
Kerch -Krim, Ukraine. Small view of a park
Donetsk-Ukraine. A live streaming view of a street
Kharkiv-Ukraine. Live stream of Rosa Luxemburg Square
Kyiv / Kiev .Ukraine. Great view of the city centre
Kharkov .Ukraine. A street crossing

/home/europe/russia and cis