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Watch and operate these live streaming robot cameras. This list has a lot of steerable cams, IP Cams, surveillance cams ... just click your way through the world, move a cam in Rotterdam, zoom a lens in the Carribean or pan a cam in Japan. It's great fun!

Robot Cams Around the World Part One

Kuressaare-Estonia. Controllable view over the city
Buck Hill-US. Anywhere, nowhere, a nice little hood cam
Uridium-a lab in switzerland. Looks creepy
Saba Rock Wow. A great view of a paradise in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Shit-???? Well, it's not MY speech. You see an advise looking like a laser gun whoa!
Pittsburg University-Kansas. Controll the campus cam
Marsh Cam-well it's nature pure: just marshlands and some water, occasionally a car... but you can CONTROLL li *g*
Construction site-Somewhere, you can watch a building stream
Indoor Tennis-well, THATS fun!
A Port-full controllable view of a port somewhere in Japan
Bakery-Japan. Watch the bakers and controll the cam
Look from a skyscraper-USA. Wow. what a view!
Flagstaff-Arizona. Roam the city with this controllable cam device
Japan Ferry Dock-Nice panorama of an harbour somewhere in Japan
Edinburgh-Scotland. Visit that awesome view of the castle or Princess Street!
Clearwater -Florida.This is a view from the Harborview Center in Clearwater Florida You can see the new bridge construction and the Memorial Causeway
-watch the traffic, streaming
Maui Hawaii. Splendid views phantastic!
kauai-Hawaii. controllable view of an awesome view
Tundra Cam-Colorado. Mountain panorama.TundraCam rotates within a plexiglas dome for a full panoramic view. You can point at any feature you like and zoom in to see further detail.
Panama City-Florida. Great controllable live stream at a construction site
Chantilly-USA. see main street and the town center. Operate the cam!
Amsterdam-Netherlands. Live feed over the city
Duluth-nice range of views around the city
Essen-controll a cam near a multiplex movie theater
Salisbury Campus-Adelphi. A nice controllable campus cam
Wellness Center-Florida. Watch the climbing wall or the exercise area
A guy's living room-Germany. Zoom around his den and see what he's watching on TV
Bolungarvik-Iceland. A nice live stream from a snowy scene
New Jersey -US. A wonderful beach cam. Watch the waves roll in and controll the cam

Milton Bridge-US. watch the traffic passing the bridge
Kauppatori -Finland. Nice view of the town center
Shop Cam-US. A kind of RadioShack.
Sailing Club-a nice steerable beach cam in England
Bird Feeder Cam-US. Watch the birdies and controll the cam
Darmstadt-A center for science. Is there anything more dull and gray like this spot in Germany?
Downtown Fairburn-US. Somewhere I dont get it. But there's a LOT of cars. A t least controllable and streaming
Brewery ?-US. Well, I see kegs, i think beer...
WL Weller & Sons Bottling Hall - Beeeeer in bottles. Get yorself a drink, lay back and operate the cam
Assembly line-USA. People working Is it a brewery? Lokk for yerself :-)
beachcam-Netherlands. Live from a beach hotel. Nice show
Vienna- a shopping street somewhere in Vienna, Austria
Rotating Doll -Austria. This is kind of a psycho live stream. A doll that rotates and rotates in front of a mountain scenario.
Troy University - Dothan CampusDenver, controllable Campus view,
Lab Cam-USA. A kind of lab. with the cam mounted high on the ceiling
CopenhagenDenmark, Ocean view
Fort Myers-Florida. North Star Yacht Club is a fresh approach to riverside living that offers all the excitement of city life plus all the spaciousness and tranquility of a suburban lifestyle.
Vancouver-Canada. A construction site
Frankfurt-Germany. A view from HIGH above the city. Controll the cam, zoom and enjoy the breathtaking view
Granby-Colorado. A horseback riding vacation to a Colorado guest ranch is a 'one of a kind' family vacation and C Lazy U Ranch is the ultimate choice. Experience the color of Colorado's alpenglow, the whisper of a mountain breeze and star filled skies
North Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina This marina, under the Little River Swing Bridge, offers a full range of services, including repairs
Hoover Dam Bypass Cam The Hoover Dam Bypass Project is a 3.5-mile corridor from Clark County, Nevada, crossing the Colorado River 1,500' downstream of the Hoover Dam, terminating in Mohave County, Arizona.
Vienna-Great view over the city and the Donau river
from Top of the Empire State Building-New York. Wow This is a GREAT experience
Chicago-Illinois. Great skyline view. Fully controllable
Hardrock Hotel and Casino-Wow. This is life beneath palm trees
Portland-Oregon. Museum of science and industry

/home/themes/ robot cams 1/ robot cams 2/ robot cams 3