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Webcams Europe/Norway

Tromsoe Norway webcam -Norway. A view of the town center.
Oslo Norway webcam -Norway. Harbour view of the famous Aker Brygge.
Hellesylt Rome webcam -Norway. Great view of the fjord
Farsund -Norway. Perfect view of a northern city
Steinkjer -Norway. Several impressions of the city
Hammerfest-Norway. Very scenic live stream of the high north. The cams is sometimes contzrolled and pans over the city and the fjords
Nordkapp TV

View from Honningvag, the city by Northcape, Norway>-watch several nice -and live streaming- shots from the northernmost city of the world. Watch the big ocean liners move into the port, see the icebergs float and more...
Tonsberg of the oldest streets in Tonsberg
Stavanger -Norway. A skycam, where you can watch the northern sky and weather
Paulen -Norway. Enjoy the northern flair, see some houses and a fjord
Bjørn Lyngstad - Sykkylven, Norway. A very impressive panorama of the mountains there.

Sykkylven is a municipality in the county of Møre og Romsdal, Norway. It is a part of the Sunnmøre region and is surrounded by the beautiful alpine mountain range Sunnmørsalpene. Most of the people in Sykkylven live by the fjord Sykkylvsfjorden which again is connected to the fjord Storfjorden.
Farsund-Norway. Live stream from the town center
Nordkapp Honningsvag, Norway. A very beautifull view of the high north
Lillehammer-Norway. 6 nice views of the well known skiing areas
Sykkylven - Norway. Scenic norwegian Fjord view. Check out this great weather cam. You can read the weather report and check out the great view at the same time
Tolga - get a scenic view of the village Tolga in Hedmark, Norway, as seen from Hallgarden.
LONGYEARBYEN -Svalbard, Norway. Great panorama deLuxe!
Farsund-visit this scenic little viallage
Hovden -some mountain scene!
Oslo -a very high-res view of the city. Awful!!
Rogaland -A nice bridge-canal and village view!
Ostland Cams -3 nice nordic harbour cams
Vang -very scenic view of a fjord and high mountains
Alesund- great views of the waterfront, harbour and city center
Alesund -fine city view
Varde-A nice view of the Varde town hall square. Streaming
Melbu Lofoten Islands-Norway. 2 nice shots of that village and landscape
Voss -Norway. Great bird's eye view!
Lofoten Islands -Norway: the taste of the north. Very scenic water-and-mountain
Longyearbyen og Svea -Svalbard, Norway. View of the northern polar sea
Skien -Norway.Watch the entrance of the Tekemark Canal
Oslo -Norway. A view of the Aker bridge
Tromsoe -Norway.The town of Tromso leading down to the water's edge. In the background a mountain on the opposite shore can be seen rising up into the clouds
Oslo -Norway. A marina. Ein kleiner Yachthafen
Oslo -Norway. A city view
Svalbard -Norway. Nice view
Haugesund -Norway/Norwegen. daily updated pictures, nice. Nette Tagesbilder vom Meer etc
Ski-Cams -Norway/Norwegen. You want skiing in Norway? Here you are: Hemsedal, Geilo, Kvitfjell, Norefjell, Hafjell. Alles Skiortze mit Live Cams
Oslo -Norwegen/Norway. Super Aussicht über die City und Fjord
Stavanger -Norwegen. Hübsch. Blick von oben auf den Fluss
Kim Kloster war so nett uns ein paar Zeilen zu schreibe. Thanks, Kim
The picture of Stavanger is of Stavanger Harbour (it not a river, if my
German is not totaly wrong, ) , You see the fish-marked down-left ,
beside the tall monument 'REGÅ' (the schrimp), the tower up- right is
'Valbergstårnet' , the street is one of the most populare 'vine and
dine' streets as well.
Bergen -Norwegen. Neues Design: jede Menge Cams!! lots Of CAMS