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Nordkapp Honningsvag, Norway. A very beautifull view of the high north
Tromsoe -Norway.The town of Tromso leading down to the water's edge. In the background a mountain on the opposite shore can be seen rising up into the clouds
Tromsoe -a great view of the town center and the shore
Tromsoe -view of the city and the mountains
Longyearbyen og Svea -Svalbard, Norway. View of the northern polar sea
Alesund-a view of the harbour and the majestic ships
Alesund-from above. A wonderful view!
Voss -Norway. Great bird's eye view!
Lofoten Islands-Norway: the taste of the north. Very scenic water-and-mountain-cam!
Melbu Lofoten Islands-Norway. 2 nice shots of that village and landscape
Stavanger -Norway- absoluteley gorgeous view of the city
Oslo -a view of Akerbrygge, where they celebrate midsummer!
Oslo-a view of a little Cafe at a marina. I bet theye're gonna celebrate midsummer there!
Tolga - get a scenic view of the village Tolga in Hedmark, Norway, as seen from Hallgarden.
LONGYEARBYEN -Svalbard, Norway. Great panorama deLuxe!

Rogaland -A nice bridge-canal and village view!
Farsund-visit this scenic little viallage
Hovden -some mountain scene!
Oslo -a very high-res view of the city. Awful!!
Sykkylven -An impressive view of some Fjord and mountains
Ostland Cams -3 nice nordic harbour cams
Vang -very scenic view of a fjord and high mountains
Alesund - great views of the waterfront, harbour and city center
Alesund-fine city view
Varde-A nice view of the Varde town hall square. Streaming
/home/themes/ Finland/ Norway/ Iceland and Greenland/ Faroe Islands / Scotland/ Sweden/ Alaska / Canada