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Webcams Europe/Netherlands

's-Gravenzande -The Netherlands. Sky cam
Groningen -The Netherlands. Lively street scene
Zwolle -The Netherlands. Small town panorama
Rotterdam -The Netherlands. Great view of the harbour bridge
Emmen -The Netherlands. Small weather view
Koos van den Hout -The Netherlands. View of Utrecht
Hattem -The Netherlands. Several weather cams
Tilburg -The Netherlands. Town center
Sittard -The Netherlands. Livid streaming town center
Amstelveen -The Netherlands. Weather cam

Eindhoven-Netherlands. A full controllable robot cam showing city- and landscape
Haarlem-a wonderful view of the "Groote Markt" live streaming
Amsterdam-Netherlands. A nice street crossing in a bird's eye view. Watch the pedestrians crossing the busy streets around Dam Square
Egmond Aan Zee-Netherlands. Two nice boulevard shots
Anne Frank's House in Amsterdam -Netherlands:On May 13, 1944 Anne wrote in her diary: ‘Our chestnut tree is in full bloom. It’s covered with leaves and is even more beautiful than last year.’ This chestnut tree stands close to the secret annex in the back garden of the Prinsengracht, Westermarkt and Keizersgracht. The web cam images offer a unique view of the secret annex. On the right you can see the tree that Anne wrote about. A life stream! Thanks to Mike Gallery

Scheveningen-The Netherlands.Enjoy the beach of the North Sea

Texel Beach-Netherlands. Nice seafront view
Roermond-Netherlands. Live streaming from the market place
Rabbit cams-Netherlands. Watch Floris and Flap, control the cam
Central Amsterdam -The Netherlands. an impressive livestream with audio. Enjoy