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Christmas Cams 1

Besucht meine Weihnachtsseiten
(nur in deutscher Sprache) mit Bildern Rezepten und Adventskalender!!!!!

Welcome to the world's largest directory of christmas cams. Come on with me and visit dreamy places in Europe, and America. Visit romantic christmas fairs and christmas markets. See gorgeous christmas trees, christmas lights and what ever more... Also scroll down to watch birds getting fed live in the web. Birdfeeder cams show how the web can be used in good mood and temper.

Willkommen auf meiner Seite für Weihnachtskameras. Kommt und besucht die schönsten Weihnachtsmärkte in Europa, die festlich geschmückten Innenstädte und Weihnachtsbäume. Wer Vogelfutter cams mag, muss die Seite runter scrollen, da gibt es eine kleine Samlung internationaler Vogelfutterhäuschen. Da kommt man gleich in eine gute, friedvolle Stimmung

Some of the cams will start in december

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
-New York. Live and TV-streaming! 30 000 light bulbs

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree-New York. A live streaming cam!!!

Santa Claus Live
-watch Santa in his home office and from the outside. Wonderful place in Finland, with fireplace, snowmen and all. Live streaming

-Sweden. Watch this gigantic christmas goat,the "Gavlebocken"

Nuremberg / Nuernberg
-Germany. Perhaps the world's oldest and most known christmas market.

Washington. The United States Capitol Holiday Treecam
is located in the U.S. Senate Chaplain's office. This page automatically reloads every thirty seconds.


Gaenserndorf -Austria. Great decorated tree!
X.mas manger -Holland. You can controll this guy's cam
Ravensburg -Germany. Lights in streets and christmas market
Einsiedeln -Switzerland. Market and an old abbey
Rinteln -Germany. Wonderful decorated market place
Lingen -Germany. Vivid ice rink and fair
Bad Lauterberg -Germany. A witch house - right out of a Grimm's fairy tale
Bergisch Gladbach -Germany. Christmas fair
Lorsch -Germany. Wonderful old houses and christmas tree
Bueckeburg -Germany. Skating rink
Schaebisch Gmuend -Germany. Bright christmas fair
Hamburg-the christmas fair. A live stream with zoom
Koeln-Germany. The dome and the christmas fair in a great live stream
Oberhausen-A christmas forrest with lights and 300 trees in the middle of the city
Meissen -Germany. Old town square and x-mas market
Coburg -Germany. The christmas market
Wuerzburg -Germany. The christmas market in the old town
-Germany. A beergarden decorated with christmas lights
Hildburghausen -Germany. Old town square and fair
Rothenburg -Germany. View of the town square
Olomouci -Czech Republic. View of the christmas fair
Schwetzingen -Germany, the ice rink, die Eislaufbahn
Stuttgart -Germany, the christmas market
Vienna-Austria. Controllable live stream of the christmas market
Brussels-Belgium. A media stream of the famous "Groote Markt"
Korzo -Croatia. A market square
Rovaniemmi -Finland. A shopping street right in the near of Santa's home
Ulm-Germany. Controllable live stream of the market
Fuerth Fuerth -Bavaria, Germany. Great views from the busy town center
Mindelheim Mindelheim -Bavaria, Germany. The center Square

Bonn Fuerth -Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany. Nice shots of the town hall and the old market square
Chemnitz -Germany. the christmas market
Rust theme park-Sachsen, Germany. Watch the thrill riders in a christmas frenzy :-)
Schaffhausen -Switzerland. A nice decorated street with christmas lights
Wolfgangsee -Austria. Wonderful christmas market
Augsburg -Germany. Very nice market!
Most-Czeck Republic. Nice trees with blue light
Hamburg -live view of the Rathausmarkt, a town market square
Waldshut -bavaria. Nice old town
Sonthofen -Bavariy, Germany. Nice old city
St. Louis Christmas Tree-gorgeous tree in front of the famous arc
/home/ Christmas 1/ christmas 2 / christmas 3/ / christmas 4 / christmas 5/

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