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Khumbu Valley

A weather station at the Himalaya, near the Mount Everest Base Camp. Altitude 5.079 m!
Himalayan Chandra Telescope Himalaya webcam - West-Himalaya, India.
Calcutta/Kolkata - India. A live streaming street scene
Chandigar - India. A live streaming street scene with sound. Listen: they're honking like mad!
Bombay/Mumbai - India. Live streaming street scene
Rajkot - India. A view over the city
Kathmandu Kathmandu webcam - Nepal. Quite an enchanting view over the roof tops
Malgudi Cape Town -India. A small street scene. Another view of rural India
Bharat Bharat -India. A small street scene. You can watch the passersby in rural India
Bharat Bharat -India. A small street scene.
Chennai-a nice little town view
Himalayan Chandra Telescope-Hanle A view of the Himalayan Chandra Telescope, West-Himalaya, India
Krishna Temple Krishna TempleChowpatty
India's first & Live Eyes India™ brings you live views from a small town in India. This is the first project of its kind in India, and over the coming months we will bring you live shots from all over India.