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Alek's House Halloween webcam -Well: this guy is definetley a Halloween Junkie
Ghost cam at Craig Y Nos Castle-Wales. Is the place haunted????
Ordsall Hall GhostCam -Salford, Uk. Are you brave enough? Can you spot the ghost?
See me rot dot com-Wow, that's a thrill: watch people in their coffins rot! Is it a joke?....boooo....try out!"Welcome to this site is dedicated to all who have gone before us. Two months ago we attached the worlds first 'Live Coffin Cams' to the interior of our subjects' casket. This was done after friends and family had seen the deceased for the last time. We then travelled over 2000 miles with the casket to the familys' chosen burial place."
Intersection of doom-Baltimore."The intersection in these images is notorious for accidents. Occasionally fatal ones!"
Elvis Presley Cam-Is he around??? In Graceland? Watch!
WildWeb Ghost Light Cams-Germany. People report of first sightings!!!!!
Brown Palace Ghostcam-Colorado State Located Cam."The Ghost Cam keeps tabs on the hauntings in the boiler room of one of Denver's most noted hotels. Witnesses recount the sounds of babies crying. Others tell of unexplainable cold drafts. The void on the wall lead us to unexplored tunnels"
JFK Cam-right out of the snipers window. Live stream. Who knows??? Maybe the killer's ghost will return?
Ghostwatch.Ireland.Join the great Irish ghost watch look out for the ethereal apparition of a young lady whose spirit, many believe, haunts this former Irish linen mill.
Ghosts Haunt Hinckley Library-The staircase in the Library seems to be the focal point for the ghosts
Live Duvall Street-Key West, Florida. A live stream
Brewery Attic Ghost CamFor now due to the recent investigation by Living TV's Most haunted we've decided to focus on some of the areas that produced the most exciting viewing, namely the cupboard in the attic/filing room and the barrel run. Enjoy and if you see anything spooky be sure to let us know.
Bessie Cam--some guys saw a creature at Lake Eerie ... and are waiting since to show up again. Help them

Dracula's Birth TownSighisoara Dracula (Vlad Tepes) is somewhere between myth and reality. See a live view of Sighisoara, his birthplace in Transylvania. If there is any truth to the myth, you may have a better chance of spotting him at night.
The mystery hole-Portland, Oregon. The first "Underground" Camera on the Internet, the Mystery Cam has captured many unusual occurrences causing voyeurs to contemplate the very existence of reality as we know it.

Llancaiach Fawr Manor-Great Britain.Based at Llancaiach Fawr Manor near Caerphilly, South East Wales, the Ghostcam updates every five minutes* between 5pm and 7am local time daily.

UFO Cam-Great Britain. strange goings-on in the area of this webcam on the A55 at the Dobshill Interchange on the Flintshire-Cheshire border. There have been numerous close encounters in the vicinity of this highway webcam so keep a look-out overhead.

Wales Ghost Cam-Based at Llancaiach Fawr Manor near Caerphilly, South East Wales, the Ghostcam updates every five minutes* between 5pm and 7am local time daily. You may need to Refresh your browser for the latest image.

Ghostwatcher Cam-Boy! This house is haunted. Watch several places and report when wittnessing strange phenomenons!

209 South Clinton Ghost-5 cams. just about 365 days a year I'm David and I am currently living in a 2 story Victorian, built in the early 1900's (as far as I have traced back) in Illinois, and found to be home to at least 2 ghost, according to the folks at Tripar (featured on an episode of "Worlds Scariest Places"...Tripar that is). You might just be lucky enough to spot something ...if so, please copy and paste the picture, and send it, or if you just want to say "HI". There is a link at the bottom of each camera

Haunted Hallway Cam-New York.Well...I have never had much luck with "Ghost Cams" but I'm told this 24-7 "Haunted Hallway Cam" is a sure thing. Located in a hallway in New York City. "Hell's Kitchen" oddly enough. I wouldn't sit here all night waiting, its like the lottery. I mean really...what are the odds? But just in case...keep a finger on the print screen button and good luck!

Ghoststudy. com-More Ghosts and strange visualizations? Well, visit Ghoststudy. com

Can you find the ghost?-watch out, folks with weak hearts!!!

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