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webcams in Niedersachsen

Webcams Europe/ Germany/ Niedersachsen 2

Bad Zwischenahn -Niedersachsen, Germany. The lake "Zwischenahner Meer" and the resort park
Juist -Niedersachsen, Germany. Nice island in the North Sea. You sea the harbour
Braunschweig -Niedersachsen, Germany. Three cams show the market place
Braunschweig -Niedersachsen, Germany. A weather cam in the countryside
Celle -Niedersachsen, Germany. Nice town view. In the back you see the heather landscape "Lueneburger Heide"
Cuxaven -Niedersachsen, Germany. 4 views of the city near the north sea
Goslar -Niedersachsen, Germany. 2 views of the Harz mountains
Bad Harzburg -Niedersachsen, Germany. The market square
Goslar -Niedersachsen, Germany. Some nice old houses
Goslar -Niedersachsen, Germany. The market place and the town hall. Multiple views
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