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Webcams Europe/Danmark

Kopenhagen -Denmark. A great shot of the old town square
Svendborg-Denmark. Live stream of the town center and some lake in the back
Vesteroe -Denmark. Watch a ferry port to and from the island of Laesoe and see the weather
Bornholm -Denmark. Great panoramas of the ocean
Faroe Bridge Cam -Denmark. View of Sct.Overlooking the sea bridge between Sealand and Falster
Ringsted -Denmark. View of Sct. Bendts church
Svendborgsund, Odense -Denmark. A lake and landscape view
Copenhagen -Denmark. A market square
Faroe Island, Tˇrshavn -Denmark. A nice view over the harbor
Svendberg-Denmark. Nice old city market place. Live stream
Blaavand Denmark. Live streaming view of the town square with lots of folks
Kopenhagen -Denmark. The airport
Faroe Islands-Denmark. This is the high north of Europe, at it's best. The islands lie between Scotland and Iceland in the north Atlantic
Laesoe -Denmark. Nice view of the harbour bay and the marina. EIne Havenbucht mit Schiffen
Frederiksborg Castle -Hiller°d, Denmark.
Copenhagen--Denmark. A backyard. Live stream!
Stykkisholmur -Iceland / Island. A view of the harbor