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Bird Feeder Cam -The webcam points out on our back garden which is located in Douglas in the Isle of Man. In the background you can see Governors Hill (part of the TT course) and the hills above Onchan. Our house is located just on the border between farm land and a housing estate so hopefully there will be plenty of life around to keep things interesting. Various types of Tit, Thrushes, Blackbirds and Chaffinch's are all common visitors to our garden as well as the resident Robin!
Cat House-A house devoted to cats. Several cams
Wolf Cams - Ely, Minnesota 3 cams showing wolf packs
Butterfly Cam - New York, NY. Watch them at the feeder
Llama Cam - Four cams showing the Yellow Wood Llama Farm Cam in Indianapolis, IN
Gibbon cam - At The Minnesota Zoo
Duck Cam - Live from California
Chicken Run - Live from a chicken run in Germany 2 views
African Water Hole-Kruger National Park, South Africa
Zoo Hellabrunn -Munich, Germany
Wolf Watch -Ely, Minnesota

/home/ web zoo 1/ web zoo 2/ web zoo 3